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Mother's Day:

Darlene Walker's


Darlene is a great asset to V3. Presently, she works with the Kingdom Kids ministry. Here, she gives just a glimpse of the travels it took to get here...

Who is Darlene Walker?

My husband asks this many times. I am a 73-year young child of God. I grew up in a tiny rural Illinois church and became a Christian when I was 10. I gave Jesus my soul if I died, but I didn’t surrender my will to His leading until much later. I still struggle with that sometimes today. I had dreams as a child of being a missionary on the other side of the world. Then grew up to know everything and wasn’t about to listen to anyone. I knew God wasn’t dead when I went to college, but I had hoped that He would leave me alone, so I could do whatever I wanted. He didn’t stop bringing people into my life to gently and lovingly woo me back, but that was after I made a mess of one marriage, tried being a single mom for 13 years. I finally married Dennis almost 30 years ago. I have done almost everything I said I would never do, so I understand mercy much better, now, and how weak is my flesh.

I have a temper and I must say I am sorry to someone almost every day. I love to fish in our pond, swim at the YMCA, garden a little, and cook new recipes. I hate to drive, but I do that a lot now that my 92-year-old mother (who is going blind and deaf), has moved in with us. God has blessed us with a lovely big, newer (14-year-old home) with 6 bedrooms and three bathrooms, so now that my daughter, her husband and two teenage children live with us. We have a family of 7, spanning 4 generations. This makes for interesting dinner conversations. We have a wooded lot with deer, coyote, Canadian geese, wild turkeys, raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, turtles, frogs, and two ponds of fish. We also have room for a garden that some animal always eats before us.

I love taking photographs, and making cards on my computer with them. I also love writing poems, stories, songs and whatever God inspires me to write. This is my first time writing a blog and may be my last.

I visit the shut ins and people in the hospital when God tells me. I write to a couple of prisoners, and I have a few younger friends that I try and mentor. Prayer is an important part of my life, like breathing.

I used to fast and journal every day, but since I retired a little over a year ago I am trying to get a regular schedule made and find it is almost impossible to do everything. I seem to have less time now. I guess I sleep more, have learned to sit on the porch and watch the birds with my mother sometimes, and go to grandchildren’s concerts, art shows and football games etc. Dennis and I have started a pottery class together at the Danville Art League. Then there are the many opportunities that V3 church gives us. We help teach Christian education one Sunday a month, Wednesday morning bible study, Sunday night Read the Word, and the upcoming Holy Spirit conference in OH, in July. Dennis and I are traveling more too and we entertain family and friends, so I seem to always be busy. We have 17 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren in our blended family with 5 children between us. But we both try and keep in contact with friends and family all over the world. God has blessed us with so many miracles over the years. One of which is a friendship with my ex-husband who helped us build our home and joins us for holidays with my son and his family. I have seen how God can take your enemies and turn them into friends through His love in our hearts.

So that is who I think I am today but tomorrow that might change. Ha Ha