New to the V3 Experience

The Vermilion Valley Vineyard Church is a welcoming community that blends authentic faith with a discerning approach to culture. No matter what your background is, we would love to have you join us on either Saturday at 6:30 pm or Sunday at 9:30 am or 11:00 am. Our worship is informal but intentional, with music in a ‘Danville Style’. Dress is casual – Come as you are, honestly, Come…… as you are. There’s no form you need to fit. On your way into our auditorium, pick up a cup of coffee and a donut from our café window, then find a seat, at a table if you want one, as we gather to love God and learn from His Word.

We offer children’s ministries every week, with age-appropriate classes that begin at our 9:30 and 11:00 am Sunday services, led by screened and trained adults. 

At The Vermilion Valley Vineyard, we aim for lasting, authentic relationships, where we can walk through life together, and to assist with that we have several opportunities to connect throughout the week. We offer Life Groups, bible studies, prayer, classes, and even online content available on your schedule. We’re committed to developing real-life relationships, that fit the way you do life.

The Vermilion Valley Vineyard Church is

a community to belong,

to believe, and to begin.

‘to belong’ has more to do with the respecting of an individual in spite of differences in beliefs, values, or behavior.  Our endeavor is to create a safe place for people to start or continue an honest conversation with their Creator.

‘to believe’, is acknowledging that you have configured your life toward vice to some degree and that the voluntary death of Jesus reveals that Humanity is without redemptive qualities in itself.  We must repent, in fact change the way we think about ourselves and who we think God is.

to begin’, is the life-long challenge to acquire virtues that demonstrate Agape’, self-giving love for others, and partnering with Holy Spirit to bring God’s Kingdom through minimizing misery and maximizing human well-being with all of His creation.

Even though this clip was produced almost twenty years ago, you can still feel the heart of these Fathers and Mothers of ‘The Vineyard’. ENJOY

Carol, we got to do something about the poor, if we ever start a church again, God ever does that, I want to focus to be the poor.